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SaberFactions - 1.8 -1.17.x // discord.saber.pw // The Complete Factions Solution!

Free SaberFactions - 1.8 -1.17.x // discord.saber.pw // The Complete Factions Solution! 2.9.8-RC

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Latest updates

  1. Performance Enhancements & More Configurability

    HUGE Performance Boost To Player Move Event HUGE Performance Boost To F Map SpawnerChunk...
  2. Overall Fixes and Addon System Creation

    Added Addon System - Drag Your Addons Into The Addons Folder In The Factions Folder Fixed Armor...
  3. Splitting Up The Configs For Easier Configuration

    Fixed Issue With Other InvSee Plugins Interfering w/F InvSee Fixed Issue With F Audit Not...

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one of the best factions plugins
Pog 2nd
The best!