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SaberFactions - 1.8 -1.17.x // discord.saber.pw // The Complete Factions Solution!

Free SaberFactions - 1.8 -1.17.x // discord.saber.pw // The Complete Factions Solution! 2.9.8-RC

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HUGE Performance Boost To Player Move Event
HUGE Performance Boost To F Map SpawnerChunk Conversion (Removed All getChunk() Bukkit Calls)
Added /f claim limit - Default 30 - conf.json claimRadiusLimit
Added More Configuration to Discord Invite System
Added Command F CornerList - List All Available Corners and Claimed Corners in {x} world
Fixed World Border Claiming - Would Claim 1 Chunk Outside Border Using More Power
Fixed SeeChunk For Geyser Users and Bedrock Users
Fixed Issue w/Titles and Co-Leaders not being able to use /f title
Switched google version in pom.xml
Added Sidenote to F Reload Command
Added Anti Boat Placement CoreX Feature
Added Anti Minecart CoreX Feature
Added Addon System - Drag Your Addons Into The Addons Folder In The Factions Folder

Fixed Armor Swap CoreX Feature
Fixed Enemy Spawner Mine CoreX Feature
Added Gapple Cooldown CoreX Feature
Removed Shop From SaberFactions and Converted To Addon
Removed Boosters From SaberFactions and Converted To Addon
Removed DarkBlade Particle Effect
Added Particle Lib
Fixed SeeChunk
Made AutoLeave Default To False
Added Cannot Build AntiSpam For Pressure Plates
Fixed useWorldConfigurationAsWhitelist - @SoRadGaming
Fixed Small Issue w/Missions Enabling
Added All Files Reload On F Reload
Fixed Issue With Other InvSee Plugins Interfering w/F InvSee
Fixed Issue With F Audit Not Logging Permission Changes Via F Perms
Fixed Issue With F Open
Fixed Discord Integration WeeWoo Started Message
Added Ability to give rewards to specific players via missions. Placeholder: %player%
Fixed Issue w/Shop Duplication on Macro'd Client
Fixed Overclaim Issue w/Econ
Fixed F Viewchest and Modified EnderPearl Cooldown
Converted Missions Section of config.yml to missions.yml
Converted Upgrades Section of config.yml to upgrades.yml
Converted Faction Permissions Section of config.yml to fperms.yml
Fixed Small Issue For Enum Difference PArsing
FileManager Not Set To Load Files From Project Workspace
Added New Logger
Reverted String Builder from ASCII Compass
Fixed Small Issue With Iron Golem Health CoreX Feature
Fixed Illegal State Exception in FPlayerRoleChangeEvent (Needed to be called Sync with event)
Added a Few Lambda References Where Needed
Cleaned & Optimized AutoLeaveProcessTask
Test Update